Jasper Hawker


About Jasper Hawker

For much of my life I have divided my time between Spain and the UK. Specifically, Almería and London. I studied Spanish at UCL and then worked on many television productions and commercials that were being made back in Almería, famous for it’s desert landscapes and first put on the film map by the film Lawrence of Arabia and the Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns and more recently Game of Thrones.

I moved from production/location work to editing after getting curious to learn about the mysterious process of how the raw material I saw being shot ended up looking as it did on the screen. I went on to work on documentaries and various independent productions.  I am now based back in Spain with my family, having come to the conclusion that it was a better environment for our three kids to grow up in.

Hooking up with my old friend Scott, we decided that our work complimented each others’ and that we would join forces in producing great photos and videos in this demanding, exciting and stimulating field.  Making a film of a wedding is a challenge I love and relish!